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Inspired by the Sea

Photo by Paul Smith, AirServ

Photo by Paul Smith, AirServ


Have you ever had a crazy idea that you thought would never become reality? That’s how this brand was born. BayLife was founded by Kristen and Barry Oldford in 2017, following an idea that was driven by ambition and dedication. Originating from Eastport, Newfoundland, in the Bonavista Bay area, the couple wanted to showcase their pride for the region to all of those who can relate to life on the bay.

BayLife is Born

While on maternity leave and having the opportunity to spend more time in her hometown, Kristen was inspired by the beautiful sandy beaches, blue salt waters, tranquility and endless adventures. She designed a t-shirt logo that to her, represents BayLife. After selling some BayLife shirts and attracting an audience, she took the next steps to solidify the company by applying for a Canadian Trademark.

Inspired by Landing Point Beach

BayLife’s company name “Landing Point Clothing Company” was chosen because it is a place of great memories for the couple. Landing Point is a beach where Kristen and Barry would hang out with friends growing up and they still gather there from time to time today. It is near and dear to their hearts.

Dreams Can Come True

Bringing something like this to life and owning a business has been a long time dream for the couple. Kristen and Barry have two small boys and they want to instill hard work, dedication and life lessons on their family. They want to teach their boys the importance of roots; where they come from, and where they can go in life. Possibilities are endless and dreams can come true.

Sandy Cove Beach, Eastport Peninsula.

Sandy Cove Beach, Eastport Peninsula.